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Our Clients Say That

Initially my legs were stiff, I was unable to move and walk. I was taken to a private allopathy hospital. At the age of 45, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes mellitus and was told that the stiffness in the legs was due to diabetes. I was also informed that by managing the glucose levels the stiffness can be decreased. For 8 years my condition was managed by the allopathy medications. After taking the medication I used to feel lethargic, drowsy and could not do my daily household chores.

Bharathi Gampa

"From 2011 I had been suffering with sun allergy. In 2013 the severity of allergy increased resulting in whitepatches, rashes on the body. I used many sunscreen lotions and medication suggested by the allopathy doctors but I didn’t find any improvement. In 2013 I approached Dr. Ravi Shankar Polisetty as suggested by one of my relatives. I was treated for 4 months with the customized supplements, diet and exercises. During the first month of the treatment I was relived from itching and in the second month the white patches on my face faded away and gradually my condition improved. Although I was scared that the allergies would reoccur in the next summer, but I was amazed that even after travelling in places with temperature of 40-45 degrees I did not have allergies. I got rid of it completely.

Ravi Kumar Pujari

12 years back I had observed rashes and allergy on the skin, though i did not have itching sensations but there was dryness which was irritating and my skin was unusually patchy and ??/. Worried about my condition I Consulted many Ayurvedic, Allopathy and Homeopathy doctors but I could not find any improvement. After using all the medicines I could not find any therapy that would help me to cure my condition ,day by day the patches were spreading different regions of my body. I used to feel bad that I was not able live my life like others. I even started practicing yoga on my father's suggestion..

Shruthi Voona